Unfriending Myself…

A tease for my upcoming column on friends and heroes — the ones inside of us.  I hope to have it done by Saturday, September 4th, so please check back. 

In the mean time, here is an excerpt:

Ego, Mego, And Wego

“For much of my early adult life the person I admired above all others was actually  me – or the me I was striving to become.  No hero I could choose to emulate would have as much to offer the world, I thought, as I would someday.  That’s okay, that’s okay, I laugh too when I think about it – now.  But I wasn’t laughing then, I was serious.  My best friend in those years was also me – the me who kept me grounded and ensured I stayed on the right path.

There were certainly people I had admired in my wide-eyed youth.  Most I admired for all the wrong reasons, and the heroes I chose never failed to let me down.  But for my high expectations of them, every role-model I had through my teen years fell as slowly as a turning leaf until the hero-tree eventually stood barren before me.  By my twenties, as each hero had faded into the realm of being only human, I began to understand that hero should be viewed as a personal destination, and not a view to another.”

Please check back this weekend for more.  Oh, and there is this by David Bowie…

18 responses

  1. Very well written and I too like to think of the term hero in this fashion. All too often nowadays with th 24 hour news cycle the term “hero” gets used too liberaly in my humble opinion. Looking forward to the rest of the column.

  2. Well, I never felt that way about myself when I was young…. way too much negative self talk.. even more than now.. I KNOW! 😉

    Honestly, I don’t even remember having heroes per se….. interesting thinking about that.

    Looking forward to the post!

  3. Not to get too ethnic Cohen, but you’ve heard the old saying that every jewish mother and father thinks there kid is god? Do you think that we can safely blame our heroic narcissism on our genetics?

    Damn them!

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