Puking and Killing…

Something To Say

For nearly a decade I have written newspaper articles, blog posts, and essays about the philosophy behind the fitness – about what I believe should be considered when it comes to one’s fitness persona.  Rather than add to the overflowing cup of fitness crap; the ABCs of six-pack abs and chicken salads, I have invested my thought into the why’s, and even the why-not’s that should be considered when assembling one’s fitness agenda. 

When I first began writing these it was because I felt I had something to say, and I thought what I had to say might be useful to others who found difficulty in getting ahead of their physical condition.  I did this from a foundation of passion, education, professional and personal experience.   In the early days, my thoughts were mostly linear, and offered in a one-way direction – and then… blogging set in. 

Raining On My Own Parade, And Perhaps Yours

Earlier this week, I had removed the blog-roll from the front page of this site, and had closed up my columns to the comments of others.  I was growing weary because I had allowed myself to get too caught up in the world of fitness blogging in order to promote this site; that my crap might get read by more people and possibly help some.

There are some mindful and passionate bloggers out there that I have come to appreciate – some fighting a fitness battle, and others attempting to lead those who are fighting.  Many though, are writing blogs and commenting on other’s blogs as a means of placating themselves in exchange for not successfully achieving their own fitness goals.  Or, because they believe they know so much more than anyone else.

Increasingly, I have been reading more and more posts and comments that make me want to puke – and then kill.  Actually, most make me want to kill first, and then puke.  Whether I’m puking and killing, or killing then puking, I can say with clarity that I have begun to emotionally check out of the fitness game – and it’s my livelihood as well as my passion!!!  And so I closed the comments on my blog for this week’s tease

Game Off/Game On

My statement was simple and my request black and white; that I would return to just throwing it out there and would no longer accept comments on the blog, promote other bloggers, or seek to be promoted. I stated that I would appreciate only private emails instead to continue the discussion and grow wiser from the nutrients of discourse.  Well, the emails did come and all of them asked me to keep the comments open – so I will.  Most of the feedback I got on my tease was negative, a bit of it positive, but the dialogue was intelligent, and that’s all I really seek. 

As far as the blog-roll goes, I will put it back up one link at a time on request.  If you would like to be linked to my site, please email me at emergefit@gmail.com with your request and give me one good reason why I should promote you – but remember, you are who roll with, and I am done pulling punches and padding comments, so you may want to first consider an association with me.   Dr. J, Jody, Bobbie, Sagan, Karen E., and Diane you are still golden becuase your intentions as well as your posts are always mindful and always good. 

Going forward, I will only add a comment to another blog if I feel what I have to say contributes to the dialogue.  If I take time to comment on a blog it means that I genuinely appreciate what it had to say, what is being suggested, or what was accomplished.  I will no longer comment on other blogs as a means of promoting this one.  If you wish to comment on my columns, please do – but do so only if you have something to contribute to the conversation.

As For Me

This is officially about the dialogue of experience and perspective.  Each week, or month, or whenever it strikes me, I will continue to write about my perspective on fitness related topics, and throw it out there for the universe to consume, ignore, or discuss.  I will always attempt to bring something to the table worthy of thought and discussion – something more than the ideal of hot sexy abs, better lunges for a better ass, or thoughts on how to spice up a chicken salad.  Pardon the Socratic moment, but most days I feel I don’t know shit about fitness – and it is my profession.  I can’t imagine why so many seem to know so much more than I.  Be well.  rc 

Comments are open, you are now free to move about the blog…. beeeeeep.

28 responses

  1. Hey Roy! I just wanted to comment that I greatly appreciate all of your thoughtful and thought provoking articles. I have gleaned a great deal from them.

    It is easy to feel your passion on any topic you write on and I sincerely appreciate the feedback you have given to me! Thanks so much!!

    • Julie thank you. It is passion that will keep this going for me. Without passion, and a life-long appreciation for physical culture inspired by may parents, today would have been my last post.

      BTW: Thank you for being one of the ones who “gets it” and who has taken the time, not just to read it, but to try it.

  2. There is a reason why your blog is one of the first I look to read. Your writing and wit touches me. I’m not trying to blow smoke up your ass by saying that. I’m very grateful I’ve gotten to know you these last months as you’ve proven to me – or anyone for that matter – that it is possible to find fitness, a sense of self and more all with a side of humor. Even if you never visited my blog again, ignored my Facebook posts and refused to reply to my jack ass emails, I wouldn’t be mad at ya – for you have assisted me in so many ways on my journey. Thank you for being you and being selfless…

  3. Roy, That is VERY well said…as are most of your posts and your comments for that matter. There seems to be a lot of “this” type of feeling going on out there right now…like a great divide…

    I look forward to your comments and your wisdom that I read. Weekends are often when I get caught up with my reader..

    I agree with you about Dr. J, Diane, and Jody. THEY were my FIRST inspirations… Dr. J pointed me toward Diane and I am SO GLAD he did. This journey is long…and it is great to have *real* support.
    I appreciate all the time and effort you put forth to help others.. I think of you and Jody and another blogger, Salina, each time I push myself during a walk and I am buying ankle and wrist weights this weekend. and starting my SLOW journey into strength and resistance training…
    I appreciate YOU!

    • Thanks Jules. I did not intend for this to turn into a love fest for Roy, but I do appreciate the sentiment.

      As I have said to you before, if there is anything I can do to assist you, you know how to get a hold of me. Funny, the term “strength” taring, applies to inner strength too — you will not be disappointed with the new growth!!!

  4. You probably know I drive a jeep. It’s a fun machine with plenty of smiles to the gallon. Just one slight defect. The tires on that car are not round. You would think at their price, and that they are tires that being round would be a priority. Because of this, when the vehicle hits around 55 MPH through 60 or so it does a serious imitation of a paint shaker, that can make my tie-dyed shirt one color! If I can enjoy that machine the way it goes, rolling with you will be a breeze, and something I look forward to!

    Thanks for enriching my life, Roy!

    • Dr. J: I too once had a Jeep, one that I gave away, and traded in for a beach cruiser — which I know you also have one of. My Jeep too was an egg beater over about 60 mph. My beach cruiser never gets me that fast, but like yours, it makes 8 mph look stylish!

  5. Hey, I do lunges for a better ass & I will NOT let you stop me!! 😉 And OH how I love when you tease me! 🙂

    OK, I have had enough fun with you & will get serious….

    I am so thankful for the day I found your blog. I can’t even remember how.. maybe Diane. I have learned so much from you & your passion for life & fitness & health & people. Also thankful that you did not “turn me off”. I would have been devastated!!!

    I know sometimes I write fluff & other times more substantial but it more has to do with my own well being & just providing a bit of this & that & easier posts to write & less easy ones.

    I am also thinking of changes to my blog in the future but whether I do them or not, I always will be coming back here to visit and OK, look at your bod! 😉 Hi to your fiancé!!! You know I had to end this on a “tease”!

    Looking forward to all you have to say and like Dr. J, you & he have enriched me!

    • Jody: I look forward to the day when you brave the traffic and come down here to hike “the hill” with me. It would be a great time to catch up, swap stories, and scheme and plot on how to convince Dr. J to fly west for a week — could happen….

  6. Hey Roy,
    Good stuff, man!! That whole “why comment” idea is one I’ve played in my head. And I DO close comments much more often now, than I used too. The people who really have something to say, they can still find a way….

    And just so you know…your fitness (and other) thouughts always make me think (hmmm…who’d of thunk?!?!)

    And with that…I’m off for a run…the trails are calling my name…

    • Lance: Thank you very much for taking the time. Funny, I wanted to comment on the video you posted the other day but comments were closed.

      I DEFINITELY put you in the mindful blogger category and appreciate, very much, what you have to say.

      I hope it was a peaceful run!

  7. Well my initial reactions is “wow.” And my next reaction is to wonder if you are talking about me. (I’m not asking… just saying.) I sent a very long private message to a blogger this week who had thought about shutting down her blog. And I have had private email conversations with another who has cut way back on her blog. Both of them for different reasons, but the time needed to leave comments on other blogs played a part in it.

    We all blog for our own reasons and some are the same and some are different. Some are more about us (feelings, outlet, support, motivation, etc.) and some are more about others (inspiring and teaching, for example).

    For me, sometimes I learn something from another blog or from comments left on mine. But the very best part of blogging for me has been the sense of community and support out here. I did not expect that. And for me, I think that has become the number one thing that keeps me blogging.

    • Karen: I agree wholeheartedly about the sense of community. Another commenter here and I were talking on the phone today about how reading the blogs of other’s pushes us to write better, think more deeply, and try harder to do more with what we write.

      And no, I was not talking about you.

  8. Hi Roy, thank you for mentioning my blog, I’m humbled. I completely understand your frustration with blogging. I have discussed this issue with other bloggers, privately, of course. I appreciate the fact that you said what I’ve been thinking. I get tired of reading blogs where the author spends more time discussing their missteps than what they are going to do about them.

    I’m choosy about what I spend my time reading and don’t try to promote my blog any longer. The blogs you mentioned are a few of the small number that I consistently read. I would add to your list, if you don’t already read, a well written blog called A Deliberate Life (Chris, it’s author, has lost over 100 lbs on her own.) Also, The Candid RD, written by registered dietician, Gina.

  9. Roy, your candor is refreshing and was well received with your last comment on my personal blog.

    I struggle with the reasons and intents of my blog. Is it really for just me? Or am I motivated by some other aspects of the internet games? Who knows right now, but I DO know I will be changing up the game soon.

    Biggest and most problematic are my fitness levels. Have considered severing all my ties to only associate with those who are like-minded and supportive, but that is the hardest (even when I push others to do the same).

    My site can be mundane life at times, but sometimes I just have to get on my soapbox about some issue that makes my brain hurt. So hope to hear from you again, as I will follow yours more closely.

  10. I found your blog through your comment on YumYucky’s blog post about the salon charging an overweight customer more money. I like wit such as yours and clicked on your link. Of course it lead me to this post and I think I like you even more! I’ve pretty much had it up to my eyeballs with bloggers who slant towards getting free stuff from companies to prostitute their products or think that just because they lost 50 pounds they are now the authority on everything. Thanks for keeping it real. You were a refreshing change for me today.

  11. Hello, Roy. I just want to be able to read your posts, that’s all. I love them all so all I would be able to add by commenting is that you made me think, reconsider, appreciate and keep on trying. For that I am very grateful. Keep the words of wisdom coming and know that what you say really matters.

  12. This certainly isn’t a post we’d normally find in the health blogosphere! I think you’ve made a really going point – the PRINCIPLES of blogging sometimes really seems to fall by the wayside. We should all be held accountable for that and focus on the reason for blogging in the first place. It’s about discussion, dialogue, awareness, learning, and sharing knowledge. There’s always room to grow!

    And I’m awfully glad that you like my blog 🙂

    • Sagan: I have been a long time devotee to Joseph Priestly and The Honest Whigs (I call them wigs). Their thesis was, above all else, information discussed intelligently, and shared openly would make the world a better place, and without it, chaos might win out. I know where we have been, and I see where we are headed – still, I try.

  13. Thank goodness I don’t have a website to promote!!!! I just feel connected to you when I read your Blog..articles..whatever you want to call them. I don’t comment often, but I always appreciate them. By the way…i sort of train Melinda these days and would not have the confidence to do so without the things I learned from you…God Bless…e

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