Have you taken the pledge….?

A tease for my upcoming column on the new direction that I will be taking this blog during the next few weeks:

Obesity isn't an epidemic, it is our national direction...

People all over the country have been taking the new pledge of allegiance, have you taken it yet…?

“I pledge allegiance to my cravings in the United States Of Obesity, and to the laziness for which it stands, one belly over my belt, with diabetes, hypertension, and junk food for all. Amen”

I’m not sure when I will be finished with my next column, but I can assure you I will lose more than a few readers, and possibly some friends with this one.  Check back Saturday, August 28th , it should be done by then.

Oh, and there is this classic by Larry Groce for all those “fitness”  bloggers out there who have so much trouble walking the walk that they love to talk about….

Going forward if you wish to comment on, or discuss my columns, please email me directly at emergefit@gmail.com, I will gladly take time to respond and engage in healthy dialogue regarding your thoughts and comments.  Otherwise, comments are closed.

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