Failure Is An Option…

A tease for my upcoming column on failure…

I estimate that 90% of all people who establish a fitness goal will never achieve that goal.  They will fail to achieve that goal for three (primary) reasons.  Below is the opening paragraph for this Friday’ column on failure:

“Naming a goal and doing little in its pursuit is simply giving  failure a softer name.  Failure is an option.  For most, failure will be the only option.  In my experience, people fail in fulfilling their fitness agenda for a combination of reasons.  Primary among these reasons are….”

To learn what these reasons are, and to find out why I believe most people fail in achieving their fitness goals, please check back this Friday, August 20th for my latest column.

Oh, and there is this reminder that when the stakes are high, we tend to view failure in a very different way…

Failure is not falling down, but refusing to get up…..

5 responses

  1. Great movie, BTW.

    Failure. I’ll give you my take since I’m pretty good at failure throughout my life…

    Failure is a necessary step in our evolution as beings. You can either roll over and and let the failure consume you and give up or you can take the failure you are given and learn from it. I’ve only just started down the path of learning from my failures over the last few years.

    When I experience that squeezing gut feeling I get when I know I’ve once again FAILED, I no longer roll over and accept it. I adapt and change what I’m doing and try to find the reason why I failed and how I can do things better next time. It’s often a painful process but it feels better than rolling over and believing you are a victim, know what I mean?

    Look forward to you post. 🙂

  2. My view of failure changed considerably based on my present circumstances. A year ago, I would have felt like a failure if I only worked out 3 day/week. Now I feel like it’s a major accomplishment given the issues I’m currently dealing with.

    I look forward to reading your thoughts. Given your chosen profession, I’m sure you see more failures than successes.

  3. Can’t wait! Sometimes it makes me sad that when you read weight loss blogs, or work with people in person that there is such a grim stat hanging over our heads. Every time I see that I get more determined to not be one. It’s nice to be reminded that we need to stay on our A game.

  4. I felt like quitting medical school thousands of times, but something within me would not quit. Now I like seeing that diploma on the wall. I’ll save that failure for another day 🙂

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