My Kind Of Town…

If New York had heart, San Francisco had balls, and New Orleans had class maybe, just maybe, they could combine to carry Chicago’s jock strap.

"And in the end, I realized that I took more than I gave, I was trusted more than I trusted, and I was loved more than I loved. And what I was looking for was not to be found but to be created." The words of John Hughes from his movie, She's Having A Baby. Chicago's greatest modern poet, and a voice for MY generation...

The most cosmopolitan city on the planet...

I am off this week — to help the girl who was once my little princess and is now my Titanic Scholar, settle into her new apartment as she attacks her junior year at De Paul. 

VDP, not to be confused with VDB... Inside joke re: Jeff Vandenberg...

So this Friday I will post something from the past as I will be chest-deep in the wonder that is Chicago.  Fresh stuff to come on Friday August 20. Ya’ll check back now, ya hear….?

Gino's East -- where the concept of fitness can go get f#cked!!!

Oh, and there is this from one of Chicago’s best kept secrets; The Old 97s…

6 responses

  1. I was raised in that city of big shoulders. Seduced by pizza, hot dogs, and the like until a power greater than mine, my karate sensei told me in no uncertain terms to get my fitness S$^(T together! I listened, and if need be, though I think unlikely, I can give him your address. Unlike doctors, he still makes house calls.

  2. My own soon-to-be junior is in the car driving himself home from his campus in PA. All by himself. I am not nervous. I am not nervous. He will be here for two weeks then my husband will accompany him for the trip back to start the semester.

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