Three Minutes Of The Condor…

No tease for this week’s column, since I have not started writing it yet, and have not even selected a topic.  In the mean time, there is this from my personal journal; a recent story of nature,  of inspiration, and mostly it’s a story of me being a supreme douche — yet again. 

Please check back this Friday, August 6, for my YTBD column.  Thank you!


The California Autobahn Society

Interstate 15; the California Autobahn.  Northbound, the I-15 drops swiftly and dramatically into the Temecula Valley  arriving from the shallow mountain pass above, where the US Border Patrol checkpoint rests between two round hills built from boulders and brush.

The Temecula Valley; if only it were free of Temeculans...

The view dropping into this valley is an aesthetic wonder. Temecula home to the only Mediterranean climate in the United Sates, is skirted by snow covered peaks rising above the green foundation, textured and accented by the confluent mosaic of citrus orchards, vineyards, ceramic roof tops, and roads. This looks from above, as complete and Utopian a community as one can imagine. Punctuating this gateway view, is the added green dimension of the Temecula Creek golf course acting as welcome sign for hungry eyes.

 It was driving this stretch last week on a clear 75 degree day, as I dropped in on Temecula to meet my daughter for an early dinner, that I saw three rare California condors. They stood almost motionless on a putting green at the Temecula Creek golf course – just a couple of hundred yards off I-15. I was awestruck. I had never seen such large birds – they appeared almost as large as human men; black, red, and a bit of white on each.

The mighty California Condor...

On initial eye contact, I don’t believe I could have felt any closer to a god or nature had I been standing on Mt. Everest. I felt attune with nature in the most sincere and reverent way, as I looked in wonder before these great works of natural selection.

 Still driving, I noticed a silver shaft catching the sunlight and shimmering in-between two of these out of place birds. I considered that one of the birds had found or confiscated the club of golfer somewhere on the course, and was exploring its possibilities as food, tool, or entertainment.

Still driving, still in awe, and still catching my breath, I slowed to take a closer look. My God I thought to myself, it appeared as though the bird was actually lining up a putt – unbelievable.  I jerked my fiancé’s car to the side of the road, stopped, quietly stepped from the car not to scare the birds, walked closer still, and to gain a better look.

The tranquility which is the Temecula Creek golf course...

The bird actually was lining up a putt. The two other condors conferenced, then watched – the putt sink from a few feet away. The three came together and walked off with an obvious sense of purpose. They entered a nearby golf cart, got in and drove away. Wait – what the hell just happened?  Three condors, a well placed putt, and a golf cart…?

Glasses now on and pushed up a bit more on my nose, I came to undiscover these magnificent birds — to realize that these were not the elusive California condors I thought they were.  They were human men, playing human golf, in a human setting.  Three men, dressed in black, a bit of white, and wearing red golf caps.  Three men playing golf, and one douche – just off the side of the road, staring from the bushes, vowing not to drive without his eye glasses ever again. 

Sometimes fitness is admitting a weakness, and doing what one knows to be right in correcting that weakness, such as wearing one’s glasses.  True.   Be well.  rc

Glasses on, and seeing the light...

Please check back this Friday, August 6, for my YTBD column — fitness related this time.  Thank you!

10 responses

  1. Yet another lesson on why you should where your glasses!!! Too funny!

    I am still po’d about the last time you did not wear those glasses & you never could tell us what wainero meant to you! Don’t do that to me again!!!! 🙂

    I think you need to go back to the white background. My old eyes have trouble with the black background…. I know, all about me! 😉

  2. I need my glasses for driving now too. It was very embarrassing when I went for a new driver’s license at 40 and was told I couldn’t have it renewed because of my vision. Luckily I had my glasses in the car and they were able to give me the renewal that day. I don’t like the way I look in glasses, but I’m also not ready to have eye surgery-I get hives just thinking about it.

  3. Oh dear. LOL

    I also love the look of the blog..very cool

    I should get my eyes checked because I’m supposed to wear glasses and don’t because well, I’m an idiot, but I am able to read the white on black just far. 🙂

  4. We have some impressive Turkey Buzzards in this area, but they’d be giving it up to your condors!

    I wonder what you would have seen “standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona? 🙂

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