Black or White, My Way Or Yahweh, Fitly Or Fatly…

This week there is less a tease for my Friday column – and more of a setup.

As societies, we keep reinventing ourselves – to a point where we are bursting at the memes.  Each time we reinvent ourselves in the name of human progress, some important things fall into the cracks and crevices which form between our so-called advancements. I often think tolerance, respect, and mindfulness need be kept on short leashes, that we ensure they make it from one generation into the next.

Here is a excerpt from this Friday’s column on prejudice:

“It seems, relative to the turmoil of recent decades, that racial prejudice in America might be on the decline, and that racial tolerance could be on the rise. Though absolute racial harmony may never happen, I am grateful for recent progress.

I won’t get too happy though — just over the hatred horizon there is an age-old prejudice on the rise once again; one involving god, God, or the belief in gods.   I recently watched a TED lecture by Richard Dawkins, calling for an outright war against the belief in God — what he calls, “militant atheism.”

Conversely, many Christians look down on atheists and agnostics more than ever, as the scum of the Earth, and would’t want their daughter to marry one.  It seems that as we have become more accepting of the variance in human skin colors, we are less accepting of contrary opinions on just who made and who dyed the skin — or not.  Let’s face it, we just need somebody to hate.”

Please check back this Friday, July 30th, and to see how this might relate to the concept of fitness. Thank you. rc

Oh, and there is this very important lesson on bigotry from Shakes The Clown (warning — some bad language):

12 responses

  1. Racial bigotry was one of the first hatreds I became aware of, In my 4,000 student high school, our class officers consisted of three races and two sexes. We were a headline in the city paper. As “kids” we never understood why it was in the paper. I’m sure we all eventually learned, but I bet many of us became more the observer of bigotry than the creator if those early years truly formed our values.

  2. OMG on that video!

    Really interested in reading this post! As always! 🙂

    I live in many bogited places & faced it myself being Jewish.. still do today. When a kid, us, being taught tolerance, I made friends with the one black girl in my elementary class…. I lived in Delaware at that time & man, it was tough going for blacks, Jews & many more! Actually, my whole young life was marked by bigotry, even when I moved to CA & in high school.

    I had hoped for more racial tolerance with our President but to me, I see less tolerance & people becoming very mean. I know many may disagree with me but what I see out there & espeically in some poitical circles is not good to me. I only wish for people to get past this.

  3. I will never understand the hate, intolerance or unaccepting of those that are different or unique by the human race. It took me many many years of not fitting into society’s norms before I realized the beauty of being strange and accepted the oddness within myself- which lead to the same realization and acceptance in others. (Go figure.)

  4. “we just need somebody to hate”… how true and sad that is. It’s wonderful how there are things in the world that we can identify with and relate to in order to harmonize with others, but it is really terrible how there are other things that cause people to unite as a force against others and then refuse to look at a second perspective. There’s this whole fear of what we don’t know… and so often it turns into misguided and unnecessary hatred. It could be resolved if more of us were willing to take the time to truly LISTEN, and to learn, and to be open to being more aware in order to understand.

  5. I think I have an idea where this is headed. Could we be discussing the hatred that many feel justified in having for people who are overweight? If you read some of the articles on body building sites, it’s rampant.

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