Standing Out In A Crowd…

This just in from planet earth…
People sure do some weird shit!!!
Meow….? More like, Me-Ouch!!!

I’ll have more thoughts on body modification in my column this Friday, July 23.  Please check back then. 

In the mean time, I would sincerely love to know what your thoughts on body modification are…  rc

 Oh, and there is this from a debonair frog and a sultry pig…

5 responses

  1. I have actually seen a story on that person in your pic & others that do this to themselves…. it kinda freaks me out…. hey, they may be very nice people BUT I just am not sure I get why they want to do this to themsleves.

    Me, I have pierced ears! 😉

    Love the Muppet video!!!!

  2. I’ve always been very accepting of others peacefully living the life they choose.

    I don’t have any tattoos, etc, nor do I wear jewelery, or even a watch except when I fly. It’s just the way I am, probably relating to something from my childhood.

    I do have medical concerns over implanted chemicals in our skin, and similar concerns relating to piercings. I’m pretty hard to shock. When we were kids, there wasn’t much that wasn’t done. Sometimes I feel sorry for kids now a days as it’s all been done before.

    Really, morbid obesity shocks me almost more than anything else.

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