Wainero; Getting Screwed By Taking The Easy Way Out…

Cryptic Forespeak

You may be wondering what the word wainero means – me too.  I have been trying to figure it out for nearly a week.  I have passed wainero through countless filters and reconstructive mechanisms in my head.  I have applied many patterns and possibilities to the term but I am unable to decipher the meaning of wainero.

Wainero might mean a great deal to me – I am certain it does, that’s why I wrote it down.  Wainero might be something that could help take my business to the next level, improve my relationship with my daughter, or even help me run a more efficient marathon in Long Beach this October. 

Today class, the word of the day is, "Wainero"...

Wainero might also be a warning for me – a reminder to avoid some thing, some place, or some ideal that could damage any of the above.  But I shall never know what wainero means, because the term wainero is not real; it is the unintended result of a short cut – of taking the easy way out of a moment.

Chaos In My Head

My mind processes thoughts like a Magic Bullet handles walnuts.  I think too much, too often, and in my head thoughts form and collide – loud, and in unpredictable succession. 

My short-term memory is somewhere above trilobite but less than sea cucumber. 

And, I don’t see well anymore.  Though my vision is correctable with glasses, I don’t like wearing my stupid glasses – nor do I care to tote them around from room to room when I am not wearing them. 

This is my brain on thoughts...

Chaos Remix

  • I think too much
  • My short-term memory blows
  • I hate to wear my glasses or carry them around

This combination might tend to stifle accomplishment – if not for my Blackberry 🙂

Where my short-term memory tops out...

                                         Saved By My Blackberry, Lost By My Laziness                        

From the grinding walnut-chaos in my head, often are produced some good ideas relating to my business, to my personal life, or writing ideas for my fitness blog.  I strive to quickly capture these ideas in print because they don’t last long in the chop-shop between my ears.  Again, somewhere between trilobite and sea cucumber.   

My Blackberry has a digital note pad.  The print on my Blackberry display appears small to my poor eyes, and the letters on the keyboard even smaller. 

Up The Lazy Moment

Last week I had a great idea.  At least I think it might have been a great idea.  I will never know.  It’s not that I failed to write down that idea, I did write it down – on my Blackberry.  But when it came time to write this idea into my Blackberry, with small screen and tiny keypad, I was too lazy to walk into the next room and get my glasses.  I simply took the easy way out – the shortcut.  Rather than walking 40 feet to get my glasses, I simply squinted my eyes really really hard, and then entered the following note into my Blackberry notepad,

 “Wainero cld help m a lt nxt wejk”

Obviously I know what most of this means:  cld = could.  m = me.  lt = lot.  nxt = next.  wejk = week.  But wainero…? I just have no idea.  It must have meant something, but it’s too late now.

Moral Of The Wainero Story

There are shortcuts everywhere we look, and there is no shortage of people willing to use them.  It’s our nature to take the easy way out – that’s why sea cucumbers and trilobites will have the ultimate advantage over us.  Taking the shortcut rarely produces the desired result – wormholes notwithstanding. 

If only there were fitness wormholes... Could Kirstie Alley even fit in there...?

In one’s fitness agenda, there are countless shortcuts; skipped workouts, backing off on the weights or the reps, shorter distances run or ridden, etc., and even saying, “I’ll start tomorrow” is a shortcut.  Like shortcuts in other areas of life, fitness shortcuts will leave one short of their goals, and might just give a person more of what they are looking to have less of.

The Long And Short Of It

If you are one who defines yourself as out of shape, obese, or worse, this might be a good time to choose the path of most resistance – to take uphill road.  Don’t just embrace challenge in your exercise, seek it out – create it.  Change isn’t going to find you, and it isn’t going to come easy –least of all by way of a shortcut. 

Nothing worth achieving comes quickly or easily in life, this we all know.  When it comes to changing one’s body, there are no fitness wormholes which lead quickly to the other side.  There is only the long hard road of change.  As I continue to walk that hard road of change, I can assure you it is well worth traveling.  Be well.  rc

15 responses

  1. I could so identify with the unknown word – my memory is also bad now, and I write a lot of notes to myself, and countless times I have not been able to interpret my own handwriting! Your moral is a great one.

  2. Hmmm, I wonder what the pronounciation of “wainero” is? 🙂 My chicken scratch is so tricky to read. A friend was just trying to convince me a couple weeks ago to buy a blackberry for the purpose of the notepad, actually!

    My brain runs the same way as walnuts in a magic bullet/blender too. Especially with the whole trepidition about the possibility that maybe THIS time, the lid might come off the blender, and walnut pieces will fly everywhere. Eek!

  3. The whole analogy is PERFECT! Although I feel bad that for now, you don’t know what wainero meant to you & dang, now I want to know too cause I bet it was some great Royism that I just really needed to know!

    So your last paragraph: Nothing worth achieving comes quickly or easily in life, this we all know. When it comes to changing one’s body, there are no fitness wormholes which lead quickly to the other side. There is only the long hard road of change. As I continue to walk that hard road of change, I can assure you it is well worth traveling.

    I think this is so the prob with people. They want the change now. They go for these crazy quick fixes because they just do not want to do the hard work that in the long run, teaches them how to maintain & even improve for life.

    I got to say, that Kirstie Alley mention… 🙂 I so loved her when she was younger as an actress BUT this older Kirstie with her crazy crap on Oprah… just pissed me off!

    Thx Roy!

  4. I keep looking at my keyboard trying to figure out what you meant to type so I could figure it all out for you!!! 🙂 No such luck. It’s true, shortcuts only get you nowhere fast! That’s why I don’t believe in diet pills.

  5. Karen WS: My memory is so poor that I forgot my login info to respond to this — that’s actually true.

    Karen FJ: Sounds like your dad had some great values — not too many men like that anymore!! No wonder your blog is so stand-up.

    Sagan: I’m not sure how to pronounce wainero since it hasn’t existed until this week. I’m going with “Way-near-o” Also, I keep my blender cap sealed very tight, so not to splatter!

    Jody: Agreed. Quick fixes are usually neither. I’m always amazed at the high expectations people have of the universe whcih they are responsible for.

    Oh, and where I once thought Kirstie was one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen, and still see that within her, I think she has taken “crazy” to a level even Tom Cruise doesn’t know.

    Kindra: I will treat you to a shot of wainero (or wainero light) after Long Beach. You go shower and clean up when you’re done, and by then I will have finished.

    Carla: Thanks for the help. I spent three hours trying to figure it out by looking at the keyboard — to the point where I almost threw the damn thing.

    Laurie: Will send your observation to the Journal Science –thanks!!

  6. Hey as I was in bed @ 5am reading my mail on my iPhone I to taking that short cut you were talking about, my note book just 10 feet away. This does give me something to think about when i go to the gym today keep writing brother……

  7. Reach way back into that sea cucumber of chaos, because I believe what Kindra is referring to is that drink she had after running the marathon in Sacramento! 🙂

  8. Loved this!!!! Maybe it means, “Why not write a book with Dr. J, that could help me next week?”

    I once had a job at a Sears electronics packaging plant. We were “loco bendechos,” but not waineros. I was given a day assignment to repack a huge pile of stuff because a cord in the package was not installed correctly. I found I could reach through a small fold in the boxing, and fix the cord without doing the whole unpack/repack. The entire job took me 30 minutes rather than the whole day.My jefe was not pleased I did it my way instead of his!

  9. Michael: I’m surprised you are still in bed at 5 in the morning — isn’t that treadmill time for you…? Miss you man!!! I’m in Fallbrook now if you want to have lunch some time….

    Patti: A) I love you!!! B) All I remember about the Sacramento marathon is a 32 degree start, and a 32 degree finish. Everything else is a blur. C) I love you now more now than I did at A 🙂

    Dr. J: I guess there are some shortcuts that make sense!!! RE the book: We just have to fond the time brother, but when you are ready, I will make the time.

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