Smile and say, “Cheez”…

A tease before this weekend’s post.  Hint: We all break down sometimes…

More on Friday…

Yes, it's spelled out in Cheez-Its...

6 responses

  1. Diane’s comment is very funny!

    All I know is that many people splurge enough on the weekend to make up for any & all weight/pounds they lost during the week! Can’t wait to read!

    Oh, Roy, in my younger & fatter days, I friggin loved those cheez-its! Well, those along with wheat thins & triscuits!!!! No crackers kept in this house at all! 🙂

  2. For many years Cheeze-its have been a staple in my house; my oldest son loved them! I admit that the old me could easy sit with my hand reaching into a box. Yum. The new me ignores them. I thought our Cheeze-it days were pretty much over since my son is at college but when I recently bought him a box for a visit home, was very surprised to find my teen eating them. Teen insists he hates all cheese! Hmm.

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