The Rainbow Music Hall, Jim Henson, And Thoughts On Hard Work…

“Work is one of the good things in life — it is what we are here for – it’s all we are here for.  You will be working your entire life young man. 

If you’re not working it will be for one of two reasons; that you are homeless as the result of your choice not to work, or that you are wealthy as the result of working very hard.  Aside from those two paths, you will be working.  Even if you can’t embrace the work that you do, never quit looking for reasons to like it – you just might find some”  Jim Henson

The words above were spoken to me by Muppeteer, Jim Henson, as he set up for a show at The Rainbow Music Hall in Denver, Colorado — where I was employed as a “bouncer”.  Those words truly changed my life.  Thoughts on why this weekend…

I received a great education,, while somewhere under The Rainbow...

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  1. I so want to read more but I hate to say Roy, not so sure I agree with Jim’s quote. I think you can work & not be wealthy or poor or homeless. And I certainly have had jobs that I did not find anything good with beyond getting out! 🙂

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