A Fairwell To Legs…

Seventeen years ago next week, I experienced two words that would change my life forever; parachute malfunction.

The Lincoln Sport Parachute Club in Weeping Water, NE. This is where it all went down. And when say, "went down", I mean went down much faster than expected...

During my recovery from the accident I wrote a book entitled, Gravity Works.  It was a summary of the events that lead up to my little mishap in the sky.  I put it  the book on ice because honestly,  it sucks.  That said, here is an excerpt from chapter 7:

“I hit the ground like a just clobbered Floyd Paterson, and rebounded with the approximate coherency of Floyd the barber.  I had two distinct thoughts during my first conscious moment on the ground.  I began picking pieces of the damp soil from between my teeth and my mind focused on an evening news segment I had seen a couple days prior.  It was footage of professional football player, Dennis Byrd, walking with his wife along the rim of their country home outside of Tulsa.”

More of this chapter to follow in next weekend’s column.  And for now, there is this from Shinedown.  Peace… 

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  1. I first read about your accident I believe through a link from Jody’s blog. It was the first time I had discovered your blog as well. I do remember reading about that in horror and shock, but as I finished reading it I was happy story because you turned everything all around. I love a good story with a happy ending. Look how you are training and inspiring everyone in person and on this blog. It truly was a miracle.

    Just the other week there was a story on 60 mins or some show like that where a sky dive instructor saved his student from a malfunctioning parachute by shielding her body with his. Of course he is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but what a selfless act. I can’t wait to read the new post.

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