Blue Zone Thoughts…

So for over a year I have been using this forum to share my thoughts on what I feel fitness might be, and just as importantly, what it might not be.  I have shared my evolving values, based on my changing experiences in my so-called fitness life

This blog has not been a platform where I have shared very much information from beyond my own head.  I am making an exception today.  I would like to share this lecture from Blue Zone authority, Dan Buettner.  It’s just under 20 minutes long, and well worth the time you will invest in watching it.

As we all believe our fitness lives are so important, this is a great reminder that just living a balanced life might minimize our dependency on what we call fitness.  This is not a case against mindful eating or exercise, but it does demonstrate that what we think of as fitness is not necessarily going help us live longer.

I was reminded of two Roy-memes as I watched this:

1) The car with most and hardest miles on it will likely good to the junkyard first.

2) Animals with faster metabolisms live relatively shorter lives.

Just some food for thought and discussion.  roy  (please be patient for the video below to show up in your browser — it’s a slow load.

8 responses

  1. I’ll watch this later, but I have a few thought from what you wrote.

    I’ve been bothered for a while with all the increase your metabolism stuff for weight loss because as you said, animals with faster metabolisms die quicker. From this I would think a slow metabolism is healthier.

    “I sit before my only candle
    it’s so little light to find my way,
    My stories like this candle
    which grows shorter every hour as it reaches for the day
    and I feel just like that candle in a way…”

  2. First commenter who actually listened? I started reading “Bowling Alone” last time I visited the parents, some similar concepts. I am struggling with this, trying to build a community for myself when so much of my life is designed for my isolation. This is what I’m working on, since I’m about done losing weight, now I have to get back to life. It’s a bit complicated.

  3. Diane, Karen, Dr., and Jody, I hope you all do take time to watch, because I think it’s very relevant within our mission, and has evoked much thought in me — or more specifically, brought to the surface of my head, thoughts which been there lying dormant and scarcely entertained until I reached my 40s.

    Julie: Thank you very much for dropping in. I have never read Bowling Alone, but after the wiki summary, I will. I might suggest reading Nonzero, for a brilliant look at the enhanced framework and increased interdependency which is unfolding exponentially these days.

  4. Word!

    I’m OK with most of what he says. Some of it is difficult to apply and still live in the US, though I guess I could move to the California zone. I’d have 2 1/2 friends then 🙂

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