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  1. Such a poignant message from the king.. the first in my life that I remember & then Jane Fonda. 🙂

    Listen, I so wish we could make people do things.. but we can’t. We can inform them, give them the tools, hold their hand for a bit BUT if they don’t want to do it or don’t have it within them right now, ya just can’t lead a horse to water if it does not want it.

    We are not the failure. Jack is not a failure, he did not fail.. in fact, he was there… BUT ya can’t force a person to eat better or move.. they have to have it within them or find that point when they realize a lifestyle change is what they have to do to live.

    Roy, I love your passion!!! I love it, but never believe you are the one that failed…. you are the savior if the person wants to be saved!

    Looking forward to your post!

  2. I really like Jack! He has a contagious energy for fitness that’s backed up with behavior. For a moment there I was afraid he was going to reach out from the monitor and educate me, but he saw that I was tying my running shoes while lifting weights as I pushed the jeep around the yard, so he just said, OK, but do more tomorrow 🙂

  3. His message is just as relevant today as it was back then. It’s frustrating to see someone throw their life away. I’m sure his father’s early death is the driving force that kept him striving to get his message out.

  4. Jody: Thank you. I guess I just feel like a very little fish swimming up stream against millions of increasingly larger fish. Seems like I’m yelling, but the big fish don’t have ears.

    Danie: I respect, a great deal, what you are saying. Still, there is something in all of us that doesn’t just want to lead and share — we want to make a difference.

    Dr. J: Funny, it was a legitimate treat to watch Jack when I was a kid. But after every show, I felt like I better go do something NOW! Like, maybe he knew where I lived or something, and might show up and catch me watching TV.

    Karen: I guess that’s my whole point in all of this lately; Jack’s message is MORE relevant today than ever. It is more needed than ever. These messages have been going out for 50+ years, and look around and tell me — who is really listening..?

  5. My parents and three sisters all have one or more of high blood pressure, cholesterol problems, thyroid disorders, and diabetes. I am trying to be an example for them, but they don’t even read my blog. I feel like they don’t want to know, or do anything about it. But then I remember that it took me so many years to change my habits, so hopefully they can too before it’s too late.

  6. Carla: I think we all have loved ones in lesser or poor health. That’s what makes this so hard for me. Unlike some of the other bloggers and pundits of better health, I’m not sure there is good news out there. Please stay tuned for my post this weekend and thank you for dropping in.

  7. Wow. He was on to something way before the obesity epidemic really became – well an epidemic. I do believe that it is a slow suicide now that I’m on the other side. You have to participate. You have to make the decision to do it.

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