Type and be heard…

The Setup

Somewhere in Nebraska there is a meandering two lane road.  The road winds between hills formed from wind-blown sand and held together by wild grasses through the ages.  The road rarely sees traffic; the occasional farm truck, big-rig, or lost tourist.  Its broken shoulders are adorned with heartland rust.  Between two sections of a fading yellow line that divides the road is a weathered aluminum can which has been crushed and re-crushed by countless truck tires.  That can, between those two yellow lines, on that meandering rustic road, might be the only object on earth that doesn’t have its own blog.

Even the can left the road to start ww.canblog.com... Its a joke, don't look for it.

The Future

When I was 8, I thought the future would have flying cars which could turn into a briefcase at the push of a button.  Perhaps I might push a button in my kitchen and a steamed lobster would appear on demand.  Another button still, might be pushed and my dog would be walked for me.  Regardless of my need, in my future, button pushing would be important – the Jetsons told me so.  More on that later. 

My dad promised this would be my future...

The Axiom

“When followers choose to lead, leaders will be forced to follow.” Perhaps the greatest opportunity for the manifestation of this conviction exists in the sum of blogging and reciprocating commentaries.  That’s what makes blogging and social networking so miraculous; that they not only give a voice to the human constituency, but they may just give it a chance. Voices can be shared with other voices, forming stronger voices still.  Awareness spreads, ideas grow, possibilities increase, and change becomes more probable.  Though this also applies to all opposing ideas, opinions, intentions, and declarations, in this age, many more are included in the discourse.

My Little World

I write what I guess would be called a fitness blog.  Really it’s not.  Fitness is the guise I use to share my own opinions, ideas, and intentions, including this one.  I write about everything from faith, to business, to politics, government, and family values – all in the name of squats, broccoli, and a better resting heart-rate.  Even if what I share affects few people, and influences fewer issues, I feel like I have more of a voice and a greater opportunity than ever to be included in the conversation.  That voice spreads further as I participate in the conversations of others who’s blogs allow me the opportunity to respond. 

Frick!!! If only I could shut off my brain...

Social Networking Critics

I’m not suggesting that all blogging and social networking carry some degree of merit.  There is a great deal more crap out there than substance, and I am supremely guilty of feeding the crap machine.  But even that, the sharing with dozens or hundreds of people at a time, which soup I had for lunch, or that I just picked my nose and it was ‘kinda gooey’, is a release for me – and apparently it is a release for tens of millions of others. 

Many suggest this fodder is an enormous waste of time; perhaps it is.  I am suggesting that most of us are just longing to speak, if not be heard.  Social networking allows us the chance to speak, even if nobody is listening.  That we may get a response is a cherry on top of the shout-out.

Blogging Critics

To those who suggest that information blogging isn’t real journalism; take a look around – it is the new journalism and the evolution continues.  As the roots of this kind of information blogging continue to spread, to choke out, and to take market-share away from traditional journalism, I will suggest that the followers have chosen to lead, and the leaders have been forced to follow.

An Unfolding Reality

Our time is one of an unfolding blossom of increased intercommunication and an increased interdependency; individuals rising to what they feel might be a higher purpose with their voices and their finger tips.  Where I once thought blogging and social networking were a bridge to not very much, it now appears to me, they just might be a bridge to anyone and to everywhere. 

 The future is here, and though button pushing  does not turn my car into a breifcase, button pushing is central in this age.  A majority of the button pushing that is done, by a majority of the people it seems, is done on keyboard keys just like these — and for good reason. Be well.  rc

13 responses

  1. The social networking aspect of blogging is a lifeline for many people. I suspect that many blogs were started as a method for coping for individuals who felt they had no voice in the world. A response to a post validates that someone is taking that individual’s opinions seriously.

    Do I see blogging as real journalism? In most cases, I don’t. There are well written and insightful blogs, yours being one of those, but for the most part blogs are simply a way to express thoughts whether or not anyone is reading.

  2. Wonderful photo, Roy!!

    My deepest thought on this powerful discourse is, I know…

    My lightest is I used to just open the window, stick my head out and scream, “I’m sick and tired of this and I’m not going to take it any more!”

    It’s amazing how tapping the keyboard gives me the same relief, and reaches distant neighbors that before were insulated from these potentially awakening voices.

    I look forward to that day when our dissonant words can blend into that evolved harmony…

    and that flying car too 🙂

  3. I used to be from the group that thought blogging was a necessary evil (although monotonous) task, particularly for my business. Why? Because every business had a blog and it was the thing to do.

    Then I realized I’ve never done anything that anyone else does just because everyone else does it. I do things because I like it and I enjoy doing them.

    Well, the business blog hasn’t been updated in many months but my new found love of health/weight loss/fitness blogging was born of that simple concept – enjoyment – and talking about my journey. If anyone reads what I type and can relate or I can help them, or they can help me, what a wonderful world of bloggy-dom.

  4. Karen: Thank you. The journalistic blogging I was refering to (and I should have better clarified this) was not the kind of blog I write, or that you write. These are communicative, and relevant, but not (too) studied. But there are some serious main stream blogs that have forced the media giants such as NPR, ABC, FOX, CNN, etc, to crossover and provide reciprocating blog options for their constituency in order to stay relevant.

    Dr. J: So true — all. I never thought I would say this, but I find as much satisfaction and stress relief writing these days as I do lifting, paddling, running, or hiking. Catharsasaurus Rex I am 🙂

    Bobbie: Truly, the act of sharing an experience in this way, validates and gives reason for that experience. If a girl loses weight, and nobody hears about it, did the pounds really come off….?

  5. I am always amazed at the eloquence of your words & wrting & then within them, the meaning of all you write!

    You wrtoe this: Awareness spreads, ideas grow, possibilities increase, and change becomes more probable.

    I loved that statement as I think we all hope for this.. possibilities, change, awareness!

    What a post! Thank you!

  6. Jody: Thank you. You know, relating to the statement you highlighted; you are a supreme example of someone who works very hard at growing those ideas, and cultivating that change. Maybe we really can make a difference….

  7. I often wonder if blogging had been “in” when I was losing all my weight whether or not I would have blogged my journey. Perhaps.

    I think there are well written blogs out there that are making a real difference in the lives of the people who read them. I think yours is one of them Roy.

  8. Diane: Thank you. You ARE blogging your journey — post facto. And it is making a difference — even to a seasoned fitness veteran like me who still struggles with food, and still needs grounding.

  9. I agree, blogging IS a form of New Journalism. We write about our experiences from our point of view.

    No matter what our chosen topic- such as fitness- we can’t help but discuss it in terms of our own beliefs, values, understandings, and ideas. Nothing’s ever “just” a fitness blog.

  10. Sagan: Well said. I would only add that I see more (of what I interpret to be) honesty from blogs that don’t link to ads. This is not always the case, but as a rule it works. That is where traditional journalism has lost its way — changing content for the sake of possible $$$, and it shows up in the blogging world too.

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