Shower Power…

If my glass of wine with dinner is a knock of the gavel announcing the conclusion of my waning day, then my morning shower is a calling to order of all of my senses, so they can administer the justice of my impending day.   My warm shower, in a darkened bathroom, is a daily rebirth of all I am, and all I am about to be.  This daily sanctification fosters a synergy between my consciousness, my physicality, and my environment.  My morning shower places me gently into my day.

Rinsing away the past...

As my skin receives the water, my body and mind awaken slowly.  Thoughts begin to form, ideas take shape – inside my head I build my day.  The remains of yesterday are washed from my skin, from my mind, and momentarily I am pure again.

The Inner

I contemplate.  Seated on the shower floor, I pray.  I attempt to connect with whoever might have created me.  I seek to establish a dialog which might help this pure state linger longer.  I offer information to my maker, in exchange for a silent reinforcement of my morality.

I review.  Still seated and water falling from above, the actions of the day prior are scrutinized in my head – picked apart as a means of learning what might have gone wrong – of why yesterday was not perfect, and how today might be.

I Vow.  Still seated, water still falls.  A plan is made to learn from yesterday’s mistakes that they not become repeated.  Ways of conducting my behaviors for the day ahead are assembled in my head, and are repeated aloud with absolute concentration.  Perhaps this will help.

The Outer

My inner head intact, the warm water continues to fall onto my outer head and into my mouth – my dry tongue is delighted by the clean taste.  Slowly I stand as the water softens my muscles making them more pliable, and I begin a routine to stretch my limbs and my torso to ready them for a day of movement.  Each stretch is a functional luxury, and an inventory of what I am made of.  The routine culminates when the warm water fades to cool, and I feel alive.

This morning ritual is probably the closest I get truth all day long, aside from looking into the eyes of my dogs.  I cherish these moments though I know here, in Southern California where water is linited, this is a very selfish act.  My shower only ends when the hot water runs out.  Energy and water used unnecessarily I know.  Still, I accept the sin and ask forgiveness for the trespass.

My morning shower places me gently into my day, and this ritual is as important to my fitness psyche as the rituals of movement and rituals of right eating.  Mental preparation – visualization, lend themselves to success.  Be well.  rc

13 responses

  1. Beautifully written, Roy! Just reading your words took me along your meditative pathway from the quiet stream building to the waterfall ahead to eventually reside in the peaceful pond below. Thank you!

  2. Diane: This shower of mine is a very selfish act and a land short on energy and water. Man, it sets up my day perfectly. Like you, I have others to think about — which is my my shower is an hour before anyone else wakes up!

    Dr. J: If we live and move as objects, we harm all we touch. If we and move as water, we harm no one.

  3. The calming, cleansing power of water… wheather it be ocean, sea, river or pond…I love it. Great way to start the weekend…and not a single peep :-))

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