Mr. (healthcare) Bill; and Slugo…

It’s after the fact now.  The legislation will become the law.  The bill is probably not as great as its authors and supporters will suggest.  Nor is it likely to be as evil as its detractors insist.   I haven’t read a single word of it, nor will I.  I do suspect it is like most other legislation; put in place to keep the leaks of social order contained to a tolerable level.

For all its debate and discussion, I still suggest the issue (much) larger than what congress has been dealing with, is an issue of individual behavior and responsibility; that we depend on doctors, insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals excessively, and we consistently fail to take the proper precautions to keep ourselves healthy and functioning at a higher level.  So very Americanly, our expectations of others far exceeds our willingness to act responsibly.

Whatever the fallout and consequences of this legislation will be, intended or otherwise, this can be a gut-check for American individual responsibility.  We must first blame ourselves for all that has confronted us; for getting ourselves in the kind of physical condition that has created this dependency on doctors, insurance companies, and pharmaceuticals.  We can next minimize the unintended consequences of this legislation by striving harder to minimize our dependency on these institutions.

Make clear, I am not speaking of actively confronting the diseases which have first confronted us.  Rather, I speak of those diseases which we have sought and found by our own selfish, often reckless behaviors.  These are the diseases which I suggest clog and decay the very important and institutions of medicine, insurance, and pharmaceuticals, and slow down the system’s capacity to address the former.

Something about Nancy. Is that styling mousse....?

Our system of government and its mechanisms to maintain social order seem to work pretty well most of the time.  What we so often dislike about the system and those elected officials who administer the system, is the system’s sinister accuracy in reflecting our own values and behaviors back upon us.  rc

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  1. I have closely followed the health care debate. While I agree that much of society’s dependence on the health care system could be prevented through proper diet and exercise, not all health related problems can be prevented. There are thousands of Americans suffering from mental illnesses that don’t have insurance and as a result, are left untreated.

    I don’t know if the bill that passed last night is the answer. Frankly, I don’t think that there is a bill that will adequately meet everyone’s needs. I do think that it’s time to address this issue.

  2. Good post Roy.

    Like Karen, I agree we bring certain things on us BUT as healthy as people are, like us, I may still get cancer or something else out of my control. Women have been denied healthcare sue to what insurance companies call pre-existing conditions like pregnancy, domestic violence, and more so really important for women. I think it is not a great bill by any means due to the DC process & the political fighting BUT at least it is a start & we can hope to make it better. It stops the denial for pre-existing conditions, people can’t be dropped if they have cancer or another disease, no cap on payouts, & more. And for people like myself/hubby, the self employed, stuck in the middle, at least we may be able to get some insurance.

    Again, not what we had all wanted & hoped for but at least a start.

    Great discussion!

  3. As always Roy, a viewpoint that resonates with me! I suppose we are headed, limping along, toward, the few the proud, the healthy. You and I will continue to do what we so, and the government, to do what they do not do.

    Bless us everyone.

  4. Karen and Jody: First, let me thank you both for taking time to comment. I agree that a majority of health issues in this era are not brought on by ourselves, and there should be measures to assist all people in need of medical assistance. We live deeply within a carcinogenic world. Thousand of people get ill and die every day through no fault of their own.

    I just struggle with the people in line who are in line by there own actions; eating, drinking, living excessively, those who are in line to get pain killers for a skinned knee, and those who don’t pay anything into the system which they take so freely from. I only suggest that by eliminating most of this, the system would work MUCH more smoothly, and be less expensive.

    Dr J: Thank you also. You are as good a roll model in personal responsibility as I know of. Fight on Tiny Tim!

  5. I for one think health care reform is a necessary first step. What I have a problem with is all of those against it that cannot list even one reason WHY they are against it other than “we are becoming a socialist nation!”

    I also agree that we need to have healthy lifestyles and choices promoted, but there are so many other ailments that aren’t health related (in particular those listed in the previous comments above) and those people need care just as much as anyone else IMO.

    So Roy, why does everyone hate Pelosi? Are all you Californians on board with her? I personally like her. But that’s just me.

  6. Bobbie: Agreed. I would just like to see the waiting lines thinned out a bit; the people who require health care by choice.

    RE Pelosi: I believe that she is one of the most disconnected politicians of the modern era. I just wish she could study the term “humility” a bit and apply it. Just sayin’…

  7. Diane: Thank you. I guess that’s part of problem; the desire to find a “right way” for 300M people. As I said, I think the system truly works. Problem is, the system reflects back our weaknesses as much as our strengths.

    Aside from that, who wouldn’t agree with Dr. J…?

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