Go-No Go Decision

This is the first guest post I have posted on this site.  Written by Dr. J. (sort of his real name) of www.calorielab.com

Dr. J. writes a health/fitness column each week that I always look forward to reading.  In fact, it’s the only one I read regularly — the ONLY one.  When you consider the scope of the internet, and if you know my appreciation for common sense as a lifestyle, that’s really saying something.  Please take time read the post below, and take time regularly to check out www.calorielab.com.  Be well.  rc

The Go-No Go Decision

Pilots often say, Better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air than in the air wishing you were on the ground. Being the lead line in an FAA accident report is not an enticing option.

Before making a Go-No Go decision, the wise pilot obtains and evaluates available information on the weather, the plane and themselves. Armed with this data, the decision whether to fly or not is made.

I went on a flight this week where, as you will see in the video, there was a delay before beginning the adventure. Waiting for improving weather, in this case, led to a safe conclusion of the flight.

For the individual considering starting off on a health and fitness program, there are some similarities to the Go-No Go decision making for the pilot which will help in assuring a satisfactory result for their upcoming voyage.

Getting ready to start your health and fitness program

Just as a pilot must evaluate himself for flight, you must evaluate your readiness to begin a health and fitness program.

Are you prepared to adopt a new healthier lifestyle? Do you really want to be healthy and fit or is it just a wish? It will take willpower to be successful and it will not be easy. However, willpower and motivation can be built. Sometimes waiting is not the best option. As you make headway in your fitness program, you will gain confidence, and that will help you with continued progress.

Most people want to spend too much time in this preparation and evaluation part. I’m going to suggest that it may really be the least important area. I feel that the more practical, concrete preparations you do, the greater will be your chances of success. Actions can lead to further action!

These practical and concrete behaviors can be more easily applied in the next two evaluation areas, your fitness environment and your fitness tools.

Preparing the fitness environment

Just as the pilot must be prepared for the environment of the sky that he must navigate through, you must be prepared for the fitness environment that you must navigate.

Although it might be nice if it was all blue skies and light winds, this will not be the case. You will be facing tempting situations where it will be easy to crash your fitness program.

You may have control over your home environment, but at work, at parties, in meetings and while traveling you will have to pay much more attention. The best way to deal with all this is to have a plan before you have to face the inclement weather. Perhaps you can plan on what you will eat at these situations, and if it is not provided for you, provide it for yourself. Rehearse what you will say to another who may not be, shall we say, your wing person on this flight.

Take the time you need for exercise. This is your health and fitness, and you must put this first. I assure you, others will understand if you are firm but kind in your approach..

Preparing your fitness tools

Just as the pilot must be sure of the flightworthiness of the airplane, you must prepare the practical tools that will carry you on your voyage.

The more practical, concrete behaviors that you have, the greater your chances of success.

Decide what dietary plan fits your nature, time and tastes. You will probably have to learn new eating habits, but there are several dietary systems that will all work if you apply them. Numerous studies have been done on healthy ways to eat, and all of them work. The differences in how successful each of them are, are very minor. The determining factor is always whether or not you stick with the system.

 If you can, choose a diet that has the potential to become a lifestyle for you with only minimal adjustments. Make your own healthy meals at home, and get yourself a lunchbox with your favorite design to take your homemade meals to work if that would be helpful. Going out to lunch is a diet killer for many people, so be prepared. Have healthy snacks in the house, in sight if that is helpful. Put unhealthy foods out the door, or if they must be in the house, keep them out of sight.

 Make your home a safe place. Try not have the foods in the house that will tempt you to fail. Do have the foods in your home that will help you succeed in changing your lifestyle for the better. Have the exercise equipment or tools such as DVDs or other workout motivators ready and available for your use. Planning ahead is everything. Schedule the time you need to be successful, and you will be.

Even with the best of planning, there may be some rough spots that will challenge you, especially in the beginning of a newly begun health and fitness program. Having trust in your formulated plan, and staying on course with only minor deviations as you move towards your goals will usually work out for the best. As your voyage gradually becomes more solid, your confidence will grow stronger.

So, are you ready to launch into your health and fitness flight? Is it time to go, or do you need to do more preparation and evaluation before beginning?

Looks like the weather is severe clear to me. No time like the present. Fly safe!

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  1. Thanks so much for posting my article, Roy! I had another great flight this week where the weather was much better, and everything was go from the get-go 🙂

    Hope everyone else finds their flight to be as nice as I did!

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