Roy Cohen, Unique In Fitness

I’m Roy Cohen.  Thank you for taking time to read my blog.


First an foremost with regard to what we call fitness in the modern era, I try to remember that at the end of the day, what matters most is not the shape our abs, or whether we do sinister justice to a pair of jeans.  What matters most is how we conduct ourselves on behalf of our family, our friends, our associates, and our community.

That sad, I genuinely believe we can all conduct ourselves at a higher level if we have control of our personal fitness.   I see great utility from many forms of exercise in the modern era.  In exploring and prioritizing which styles of exercise best suit our individuality, I suggest that one include consideration for matters of family, business, community, and faith.I believe it is important to question where exercise should fall, or not fall, relative the an individual’s personal boundaries.

I also believe it is necessary to be skeptical of people who speak in absolute terms in matters of exercise and fitness.  Exercise and fitness are very broad terms, and I believe should not be limited the boundaries of absolutes or the agenda of others.

Through continual exploration, I have established my own value set in exercise, and that remains an ongoing process as my life and my priorities change.  The only absolute in my fitness value set, is the absolute belief that mindful daily movement, and mindful eating should be practiced by all.


I claim to present no answers in this. My 30 years experience in exercise and fitness has taught me that nobody has clear answers, but the wisest and most cultured fitness enthusiast, is the one who asks the most mindful questions.

There is no doubt that you will read what seem to be contradictions in my writing, be they in my essays, tips, or feature posts.  It is not that I am speaking from both sides of my mouth. Rather, I understand that I don’t really know anything, so I experiment, I reflect, and I hope only to grow more wise from that process.

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